Encap Archive

Welcome to the Encap Archive, the home site for the Encap Package Management System.

Documentation Tools Packages
Encap FAQ
The FAQ is a good place for beginners to start.
The recommended Encap package manager.
Search for Encap Packages
Search the Encap Archive for a specific Encap package.
Encap Specification
A formal definition of the Encap package format.
A tool for automaticly creating Encap packages of Perl modules.
Package Collections
Descriptions of the available package collections.
Encap Workshop
Slides from an Encap workshop presented by Mark Roth on 1/28/00.
Encap Package Site Map
View information about all of the Encap packages available from the Encap Archive.
Encap Mailing Lists
Information on mailing lists for discussion of the Encap Package Management System.
Other Encap Package Managers
A list of several freely available Encap package managers.
Upload Page
Upload packages to the contrib package collection.